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Gilmore Elementary Uniforms: Embracing “Spirit Wear”

The Gilmore Elementary School embraces school uniforms or “spirit wear.” Research shows that school uniforms help students to focus on learning, increase school pride, reduce peer pressure, provide fewer distractions and lessen expenses for parents.

The Gilmore Elementary School colors are khaki and navy blue. Our uniform is collared navy blue shirts with khaki pants, shorts or skirts. If wearing a skirt, girls may wear white or navy tights. You may purchase uniforms at any local retail store.


Gilmore Elementary School Uniform Logo - eagle

If you prefer a shirt with our unique logo visit:

L & M Bargain Outlet:
21 Torrey Street


You can also wear khaki pants or a navy blue collared shirt from any of the popular retailers below. The logo is not required.

Old Navy

Children’s Place