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About Us

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We at the Gilmore Elementary School believe that each child can learn. All of our educational practices are based on that belief.

We are committed to creating a child centered environment that promotes positive self esteem and self confidence. Our school values and acknowledges good citizenship and a sense of community.

We provide each child with an opportunity to develop cognitively and socially within an emotionally and physically safe environment. Our successful academic program, which is based upon a careful analysis of individual student needs, focuses on reading, writing, calculating, problem solving, critical thinking skills, and creative expression. Each child at the Gilmore Elementary School flourishes in an environment that celebrates the diversity of our students while stressing the unity of our purpose, that children will succeed.

Our Mission

The Gilmore Elementary School is an exceptional learning community that provides quality instruction and holds high academic expectations for all students. We recognize:

each child as an individual

each child is creative

each child needs to succeed

each child has the ability to learn

Our school promotes a safe, orderly, caring and supportive environment. Our parents, teachers and community members are welcomed partners in our students' learning.

Our Vision

All students at the Gilmore Elementary School are members of a learning community that prepares them to reach academic proficiency in English Language Arts and STEAM (Science, Technology, English, Arts & Math) in order to develop skills for college and career readiness.